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Whatsapp+ has terminated accounts of few whatsapp plus apk user. Utilizing third party account is against their terms and conditions. Therefore avail whatsapp plus at your risk. Everybody like whatsapp.It is the famous messenger app, which allows you send information without additional cost. Whatsapp plus is made by xda member namely Rafalete, it is a changed model of real whatsapp. Fundamentally, the Rafalete had done certain alterations in the UI and included certain additional performances. But it still avails the same protocol and license such as whatsapp. Whatsapp plus was found on play store. But quickly after a DMCA carried down from whatsapp, it was eliminated. Even though whatsapp plus is found for download, there is no obvious look of whether it is legal or not. The inside design of whatsapp and whatsapp plus are same. Hence it is safe to think that whatsapp plus is well secure.


But if you send any private information which you will not like to go public, it is good to prevent it. Whatsapp plus can be set up after you uninstall whatsapp. Dissimilarly famous think, you do not want to root the android. Carry the backup of the whatsapp conversation and uninstall real whatsapp. Now download whatsapp plus and set up it such as you usually set up whatsapp. There are some differences you can see in whatsapp and whatsapp plus. You can personalize each bit of the whatsapp UI. This may be like altering the size of header, color, widgets, pop up notifications, conversation screen etc. Most of the important difference is, pre made themes. Whatsapp plus contain over two thousand themes. You can personalize the media sharing.

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You can easily send the files higher in size without losing any picture quality. This is beneficial for university students to shared notes in the classroom. The true amazing feature of whatsapp plus apk is, you can hide the status online. Whatsapp+ plus contain single tick choice, that presents single tick to the person who sends the message, even if the message is obtained and read. Whatsapp plus is same to whatsapp but with lot of choices. Avail it, if you like to hide the online status, send photos without compression. If you think about your privacy, there is a good to follow with real whatsapp. Therefore are you thinking to set whatsapp plus or would wait for real whatsapp to launch. Whatsapp plus is a slightly misleading on the surface. It avail the phrase mod when recommending to the relationship to whatsapp, showing they changed the real. But don’t be cheated.


You will look this all the time on different app stores, certain thing listed like a mod or a manager for another app. The name and the branding refer that there is certain legitimacy to the fresh app, that this is simply an extension of the service. It is developed by a Spanish developer. Icon is similar; the color is blue instead of green. It is not found on official app stores, third person sites and stores. This shows that it is not found to you till you have jailbroken the phone. To become a user of whatsapp plus, you want to uninstall the real whatsapp. It possess all the features like whatsapp, even though many have been developed up on like loads, more theme, bigger size file sending and color choices and hiding online status. If you violate the terms and conditions of whatsapp for using whatsapp plus, you could not receive whatsapp for one day.

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Download instagram plus free Latest Version

Download instagram plus free

Instagram Plus is the improved version of the original Instagram app. It has several updated features which makes it more efficient and a better choice. To successfully install the app, you have to make sure that you aren’t using the official Instagram app. One of the most amazing features of this app is its ability to zoom in on photos automatically by just double tapping. Users can also conveniently move around the photo with ease. If you want to zoom in more, you can simply slide your finger across the screen. Users will also be able to download any of their photos and automatically share the URL.


One of the best features of Instagram Plus is found in its settings. Users will now be able to automatically turn on the sound of videos by default. Although it’s a simple alteration, it provides utmost convenience for the users. In the official Instagram app, it can be a hassle to turn on the video sounds since you have to do it manually. With the improved version, you will be able start hearing the sound automatically as soon as a video comes up. This is one of the best improvements you can enjoy by using the app. Another great feature it has is being able to detect if an account you follow is following you back. This allows you to unfollow accounts more conveniently. It also allows users to view the profile pictures of other users by simply clicking the photo for a longer period of time. The same applies for enlarging photos, a long click is the only thing required. The direct share URL is a very helpful feature since it’s very convenient for users to share their media content. More features will continuously be added to the app in the future.

It’s an amazing alternative to the official Instagram app. It has plenty of added features and advantages. It’s also a very stable application. Thousands of people around the world have already downloaded it. It’s a great avenue for various types of users who want to experience an improved version. Instagram remains to be one of the most successful and popular social media apps in the world today. Millions of people log on to their account daily to check on the latest trends. Having Instagram Plus installed on your mobile device is a great way to maximize your online browsing experience.

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