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GBWhatsapp: GBWhatsapp is one of the latest and most important free programs for Android devices that are specially designed for instant messaging and chat. It is a standard application of whatsapp, where it runs two Whatsapp numbers easily on the same phone, Where you can do a routine for your device and you can open them at the same time by using GBWhatsapp.

Whatsapp is a software that has helped many in the field of chat and Android, where it made it easy for you to connect with friends and relatives who have phone numbers, where you can send and receive images and videos, GBWhatSapp allows you to send more than one picture in a record time .
GB Whatsapp
Whatsapp is one of the most popular talk and chat programs. It allows you to send pictures, voice messages, videos and media without any problems. Chat whatsapp can be the first place in the Android programs. You can download the program from any store For your information, Whatsapp has released its first version in 2009. Brian Okton and Ukranian Jean-Kom founded the Whatsapp program and then the founders of Facebook bought the program. Whatsapp in the deal estimated at $ 19 billion US Dollars . Whatsapp is a program that specializes in instant messaging and chat between friends on the computer in a safe and free of charge at no cost, you can download it using BlueStacks, which enables you to play games and Android applications.

The GBWhatsApp application contains the latest database available on the Google Play market and it also has the advantage of sending files whether audio or video files or images. GBWhatsAPP is a version or a modified version. The official Whatsapp program allows you to run two numbers on a single device without using a feature such as the Routing feature and working simultaneously. You can connect the program to the Android and connect with the web version. The safe is where you can send and receive pictures and videos via the program.

The application of GBWhatsAPP make the communication and chat process excellent and wonderful, as it is easy for many users to use Whatsapp because you can run two numbers and easily connected to the same phone with the possibility of the routine of your device and open them at the same time, so you can make free calls and send messages and share photos with your friends The company produced and designed for the program Whatsapp to develop and update its program constantly produced several versions of the program and the GBWHATSAPP each issue has its own features and features that are constantly renewed from the most important versions of GBW and GBWhatsApp versions in this article we will propose The other two versions of GBWhatsAPP.
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GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsApp4.00 This is the latest version of GBWhatsAPP and has many features, most importantly
Keep it updated and then change the profile – stop to receive your friends – change new facebook icons – cache
GBWhatsApp3.90 Adds and controls the floating button in conversations
Program background color control – Ability to change the color of the sound notes playback button
The possibility of sending more than one photo in one strength and standard – fixes in personal pictures during the conversation

Features of GBWhatsapp:

1. The constant and continuous updating and development of the GB Whatsapp
2. GBWhatsAPP has the ability to close any conversation with a password
By entering the conversation to be locked – Use options – Lock conversation
3-GBWhatsAPP program allows you to control the settings and privacy of a particular conversation
4. GBWhatsAPP has the ability to send you message notifications and you can respond quickly
5-GBWhatsAPP allows you to select a video or image from the gallery by simply clicking on the camera in the chat
6. GBWhatsAPP can choose the colors that suit you
7 – the possibility of formatting the text in your messages, whether a broad text – italic text –
8-GB lets you use GBWhatsAPP to convert images from round to square
9. GBWhatsAPP allows you to translate messages to multiple languages
10 – the possibility of controlling your profile through the process of large and small
11 – the possibility of adding improvements such as you can lock the passwire with a password
12- GBWhatsAPP allows you to download the program
Know the quality of the message issued or the notification issued
13. GBWhatsAPP allows you to do multiple conversations at once
14- You can download GBWhatsAPP free of charge on any mobile phone store
15 – You can use two numbers on the Whatsapp program at the same time
16 – the possibility of hiding the property name and date when copying more than two messages + the possibility of copying the situation
17 – You can see the images without having to save them and then the download process
18- GBWhatsAPP has a small area of about 27 megabytes, where you can add a personal picture to your account as well as a different token message. I do not affect the mobile operating system.
19- GBWhatsAPP features high privacy and security, protecting your data from theft and hackers.
20. GBWhatsAPP contains many languages including Arabic, German, Russian, English, and Indonesian.
21- GBWhatsAPP works on all different operating systems such as mobile phones, Android, iPad, BlackBerry,
22- GBWhatsAPP can send and receive pictures, videos and audio files
23 – not knowing the sender of the message that you received the message by hiding the blue mark
You can also hide the type being overwritten when someone writes to you during the conversation
24 – You can also hide the sound recording when someone sends you a voice message during the conversation
25- GBWhatsAPP contains many emoticons and shapes
26-GBWhatsAPP can change the program’s format, changing the program icon and notifications
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GbWhatsapp and Activation Method:

1. Make a copy of the backup of the old conversations on the original number
2. You have to go to WhatsApp files, look for WhatsApp folder, change the name to GBWhatsapp, then delete the application from your phone
3 – Then download Whatsapp from the Google store, then activate your second number, and then send any message to anyone and then take a backup of the conversations and then delete the Whatsapp again
You must download GBWhatsapp from any store on your phone
5. Then install the GBWhatsApp application, place your second number, and then press Restore
6. Then go to My Files then delete the GB character from the GBWhatsApp folder in order to become WhatsApp
Then download the normal Whatsapp.

Download gbwhatsapp apk

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